Base:Bangkok, Thailand


Principals and birth years:Boonserm Premthada, 1966


Boonserm Premthada was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts (Interior Design) with first class honors in 1988 and Masters of Architecture from Chulalongkorn University in 2002 and established his office named Bangkok Project Studio in 2003.

Boonserm believes that architecture is the physical creation of an atmosphere that serves to heighten man’s awareness of his natural surroundings. His work isn’t about designing a building, but rather the manipulation of light, shadow, wind, sound, and smell... creating an “poetics in architecture” that is a living being sense.

Beyond the realms of theory and practice- Boonserm’s work also carries a strong socio-economic and cultural agenda as many of his projects have social programs that aim to improve the lives of the under-privileged.


Kantana Film and Animation Institute, Nakhon Pathom, (2011)

The Institute is an example of Common Architecture that uses common materials- brick - in combination with steel structure. The construction is diligently carried out by local bricklayer. The project not only extended the life of brick (a material that was considered “out-of-style”), but succeeded in saving local brick company that could have closed down if not for the success of the project.

The building itself is designed with reflection of tranquillity, natural landscape and human beings with the linkage of practical usage, materials, construction method, and culture under the motto “An Architecture is more than being just an architecture”.

Elephant World, Surin (2015 - under construction)

In the project Elephant World (2015) in Thailand’s Surin Province, the architecture attempts to describe unique differences between Thai locals and Thai elephants compared to the relationships between man and elephant found in other cultures. The elephant is considered a part of the human family structure, and as a result, is one of the tamest of all elephants in the world due to their close emotional ties to their human caretakers. Therefore, Elephant World isn’t viewed as a collection of cages for undomesticated animals, but rather large residence for one of the human family members.

Baan Chang Town hall, Rayong (2017 - commissioning)

Baan Chang has been affected environmentally and socially by Map ta phut industrial estate. Alongside the debates among sectors, community economy continually declined. Architect and community leader advocated locals the significance of developing new attraction for sustainable revitalization, thus locals agreed to avoid spending funding for annual festival. Community members donated their funding to support the project, hoping to improve city perception from polluted to natural tourism. This action shows locals’ vision on self-reliance by perceiving the town hall as investment for future economic stability. The town hall is the sustainable transformation of waste into environmental friendly public space.

The Wine Ayutthaya, Ayutthaya (2017)

The building was constructed to become a new tourist attraction in hopes of stimulating economy of local communities surrounding this world heritage site.The building made entirely from steel-reinforced plywood. The interior is divided into 4 platforms that serves as a vantage point for visitors to absorb the beautiful view of the river from different angles. There are 5 sets of spiral stairs attached to each platforms.Plywood a material normally used for interior purposes as furniture structure being used as a building structure. This has broaden the potential of plywood from a temporary material to a permanent edifice.

Mangrove Forest Conservation Learning Center, Thai Red Cross Society,Samut Prakan
(2018 - underconstruction)

This project is to help people aware of the urgent need to preserve the soil surface, and prevent coastal erosion. The project is a rehabilitation facility for elderly patients in the care of the Thai Red Cross Society and general public.The materials we used is a small component system made of fly ash cement, a mixed concrete that is lighter than conventional cement and reduces concrete crack from Alkali-Silica reaction. Each component made close to the construction site and then gradually transported into the mangrove so that the mangrove is least damaged and stays in its healthiest condition.


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1. The winner of the 2011 ar+d Awards for Emerging Architecture. United Kingdom

2. Award for 21 for 21, World Architecture News. 2012, United Kingdom

3. Highly commended World Architecture Festival 2012, United Kingdom.

4. Shortlist Brick Award 2012, United Kingdom.

5. Shortlist Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2013, Geneva, Switzerland

6. Grand Prize and Category winner special solution International Brick Architecture 2014, Wienerberger, Vienna, Austria.

7. Winner Silver Category "Public Buildings, Sports and Recreation" Fritz-Höger-Preis für Backstein-Architektur 2014 Germany

8. Acknowledgement Prize, Regional LafargeHolcim Awards 2017 Asia Pacific, LafargeHolcim Foundation

9. Overall Winner and Hospitality Category Winner, The Plan Award 2017, The Plan Magazine

10. Bronze Award, DFA Design for Asia Awards 2017, Hongkong Design Centre.

11. Global Award for Sustainable Architecture 2018, under the Patronage of UNESCO, Paris, French Republic.

12. The Winner of Asia Bar category, Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, London, United Kingdom

13. Winner, The Royal Academy Dorfman Awards 2019, The Royal Academy of Arts, London, United Kingdom

14. Silpathorn Award 2019