Code House

Location: Charoen Krung, Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand
Client: Personal
Building type: House
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Pirak Anurakyawachon

Situated in the heart of the Bangkok CBD, the program consists mainly of two units the primary old style architecture built during the reign of King Rama VI, and an extension in the form of a new house. The limitations in terms of a unique exterior structure and complex interior elements are solved by the architect following the concept of simplicity.

The architect's intention is to reserve and reveal primary elements in the old building, such as wooden components and brick walls, by cracks the cement surface and applies grey color to expose the truth of the brick material. The architect also utilizes concrete blocks for the rest of the wall to disclose distinctive impact between the old and the new materials, yet harmonizing them by use of grey color, which not only balances the different effects but also emphasizes the true feature and color of the components. The significant architectural and interior elements of the two houses are in perfect dialogue between the traditional Thai shop house and contemporary building, which shows that unique integration of the old and the new designs can be combined harmoniously.