The Chapel | A Homage to Artisans

The story of this pavilion begins with ‘glass blocks,’ a seemingly ordinary and somewhat obsolete material commonly used as an ornamental feature of bathroom walls. We are challenging the conventional preconception of the material by creating a magical spatial experience from a cubical structure where the roof is left wide open. Made of glass blocks and rubberwood, this long-spanning, column-free structure stands strong on its own.

With the translucent quality and glittery effect created when touched by light, the glass blocks come with a coordinated size and proportion that features a groove created specifically to help strengthen adhesion whereas the rubberwood’s elemental qualities include great natural flexibility and delicateness. The distinctive elements of the two materials were called upon to render the structure, physical form and atmosphere of THE CHAPEL.

The amalgamation between the glass blocks and details of the wood joinery are visible throughout and the entire built structure was achieved through utilization of masterful carpentry and concrete techniques. It reflects the intertwined relationship between an industrial system and an artisanal creation, from which the ‘artistic industry’ is conceived. When used collectively, glass blocks render diverse effects of light and shadow that vary throughout different periods of the day.

The enclosure of the space creates a sense of serenity and security in the middle of the work’s chaotic surroundings while stairs and bridges were incorporated in to facilitate users’ dynamic movements within the interior space. Through inventive conceptualization and masterful execution, ordinary construction materials such as glass blocks are able to render a visually and physically striking space that comes hand in hand with a distinctive spatial experience.